Most Hilarious Outfit of the Week….. Coolest Hwindi In Harare

Touts (mahwindi) have always been known as the people not much worried about too many things let alone fashion and style. However this is not the case for Manex Mabhinya Mbonanga a Kuwadzana  tout.

By Lemuel Rangarira Chekai 

Mabhinya is well known around his work place for wearing fascinating outfits operates at the corner Speke Avenue and Chinhoyi Street. When 263Chat visited his workplace, Mabhinya was dressed in brown outfits from hat down to shoes.

His outfit made a perfect recipe for winning this week’s most hilarious look. Everything was going his way, an old fashioned and baggy blazer which almost got to coat length then corduroy pants tucked in his boots. He was a young man in grandfather’s clothes.

He didn’t forget his accessories too and also seems obsessed with gold for he had a golden watch and sunglasses then a black staff decorated with the Rastafarian colors green,yellow and red.

When asked on what type of clothes he would buy if he were to be given a thousand dollars, Mabhinya answered  “masuit anenge achienderana ne pattern” ( suits that are along my taste) he also continued  “nekuti pamwe pacho fashion inondipinza pandange ndichifungidzira kuti handikwane” (because sometimes fashion gets me to some places that i would never think i could get or fit into).

His style is in sharp contrast to his colleagues who do not care about their appearance despite working with people everyday. Mabhinya’s style has helped him earn the respect from the commuting public whom he says interacts with him better than his colleagues.

Mabhinya confirmed that he buys second hand clothes from the streets of Harare. The question that remains is, if the government succeeds in closing all the loopholes that people take advantage of to bring these clothes, where, when and how often will people like Mabhinya buy clothes and afford to keep their style in shape.

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