Health Workers Reject 60% Salary Increase

Health Workers have rejected the 60 percent salary increase that their employer, the government, has tabled arguing that the increment is too little to sustain their livelihood basing on the current inflation rate and economic meltdown.

Health Services Bipartite Negotiating Panel had put on the table a cost of living adjustment of 60 percent from up from the previous offer of 10 percent.

This latest offer will see the lowest paid civil servant earning $1023 up from $582.

In a circular that 263Chat has in possession,  the Health Apex has rejected the salary increase saying its still tantamount to nothing.

“However, considering the current cost of living and rate of inflation in the country, this offer which is specifically for basic salary and allowances tied to the basic salary, is still tantamount to nothing,” read the letter from Health Apex.

In an interview, Health Apex president Dr Peter Mugombeyi said this offer is an insult to doctors.

“We can’t survive on this! The sky rocketing prices of goods and commodities and this meager stipend don’t tally. it’s an ALL or NONE hypothesis and we choose not to take it,” said Dr Mugombeyi.

“Prevailing Interbank rate salaries are quite suffice,” added Dr Mugombeyi.

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