Gvt To Investigate Banks Over New Notes Leakage


The government has vowed to leave no stone unturned in their effort to investigate and bring to book culprits that took part in the leakages of the new notes which have flooded the black market, enraging expectant citizens who bore the brunt of paying premiums to access cash.

The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Services wrote on Twitter this morning castigating the development before adding that government will go out of its way to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to book.

“Govt through @ReserveBankZIM is investigating allegations of abuse of newly released bank notes. Cash was collected by banks using their CIT vehicles on Monday. All seriel numbers were recorded in the register. The offending banks will be named severe action taken” wrote the ministry on their Twitter.

What brought anger in many citizens is the fact that after being told that RBZ will release enough money in the market, the new notes were not available in banks by Monday morning, but by midday, the new  notes had flooded areas like Mbare Musika and the Zimex Mall.

Citizens had hoped that the Central Bank will move the daily withdrawal limt fro 50 dollars a day, which translates to 300 dollars per week, but the Central Bank stood firm and announced that there was no movement in daily and weekly withdrawal limits.

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