Govt To Penalize Schools Overcharging Fees

The government has threatened to penalize schools that are overcharging parents fees in local currency while discounting for those who pay in foreign currency, 263Chat has learnt.

Government has already announced that schools will re-open tomorrow and 28 September for Cambridge and ZIMSEC examination classes respectively.

In an interview with a local publication yesterday, Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Edgar Moyo said schools that that are inflating their fees in local currency will be sanctioned.

“The first things that we should note is that as a country we have currency laws that govern how we should operate in all spheres of life,”

“As a ministry we don’t expect schools to set their own rate which is contrary to what has been set by the Reserve Bank. That would be breaking the law and if there are schools that are doing that then parents should come forward and report those schools to the relevant monetary and law enforcement authorities,” Deputy Minister Moyo said.

Moyo said although the operations of private schools were not under the direct control of the ministry, they were still liable for penalties should they break the country’s laws.

“By creating their own rate, schools were indulging currency distortions that could lead the country on the path to economic chaos,” said Moyo.

Most private schools are charging between US $200 to US $800 the second term.


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