Govt Backtracks On Its No Work, No Pay Principle

The government has backtracked from its vindictive position and paid double salaries to nurses removed from payroll last month over prolonged industrial action.

The nurses received their July and August salaries despite the Health Services Board (HSB’s) no-work, no-pay principle.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) president Enock Dongo confirmed that the affected nurses were paid double their normal salaries this month to compensate for last month.

“The majority of nurses who did not receive salaries in July got them this month. It is a welcome development, but we still feel it was wrong in the first place to remove striking nurses from the payroll,”he said.

“We want our concerns to be addressed and there is no need to be vindictive. We hope someone somewhere will see sense and do what is right because our concerns are legitimate,” Dongo added.

HSB implemented a no-work, no-pay principle and in July and struck off its payroll all nurses who were no longer reporting for duty demanding USD salaries and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).


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