Govt Accuses Chamisa Of Economic Sabotage As Pressure Mounts On ED

The government has once again accused MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, of being the reason why the economy is not performing well since his hardline stance of making the country ungovernable after the 2018 elections.

Zimbabwe has experienced a torrid time since the highly disputed elections which were eventually won by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ZanuPF party.

The MDC Alliance has been relentless in its stance that for as long the Mnangagwa regime does not admit to rigging the elections, they will make the country ungovernable.

Consequently, the government has on several occasions, accused Chamisa of working in cahoots with the Western countries to sabotage the country by incessantly calling for demonstrations against the Mnangagwa regime, which has presided over the worse economic decay in a decade.

Information Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa Tuesday told journalists that the “Kudira jecha musadza” mantra by Chamisa’s MDC Alliance is responsible for the mess the country finds itself in.

“We all know that after the 2018 elections, the opposition MDC Alliance spoke about pouring sand (hamutongi tichadira jecha) on Mnangagwa’s reign and this is a public message. They have not stopped,”

Mutsvangwa further accused Chamisa of bedding the west and calling for elections, which make it difficult for Zimbabwe to engage, economically, with the stronger, western economies.

“Some countries have imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. These have caused divisions among families. They have stage-managed abduction stories. There is an enemy in Zimbabwe,” she said.

The pressure is mounting on the Mnangagwa administration to respect human rights after a wave of alleged abductions and brutality of opposition and government critics.

Yesterday, the United Kingdom Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Melanie Robinson urged the country’s leadership to respect human rights. She made the remarks after meeting Chamisa.

“Discussed serious concerns on human rights (with Nelson Chamisa), corruption and the situation for ordinary Zimbabweans. We continue to engage across the political spectrum to understand how the UK can best support Zimbabweans,” she said.

Former U.S Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton called on the Mnangagwa release “political prisoners” who were arrested in the lead-up and after the foiled 31 July demonstration.

“I’m calling for the government of Zimbabwe to release all political prisoners, including Godfrey Kurauone, who represent the country’s future. Justice demands it,” she said in a tweet yesterday.


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