Govt Accused of Excluding Marginalized Children

A local non-governmental organisation Global Research and Development Organisation (GRDO) has bemoaned the exclusion of marginalized children from government headed programs saying Zimbabwe is still to have a child parliamentarian from orphanages.

By Tendai Guvamombe

Addressing the belated Day of the African Child commemorations in Highfields last week, GRDO Director, Naison Ingwani said his organisation has a responsibility to incorporate those children who are left out to from government programs.

“We realized the need to incorporate marginalized children in the society in engaging them in different programs such as this platform we created for them today,” he said.

“On record it is a known fact that learners from private colleges, orphanages have never found adequate participation on various government platforms and it is our mandate to explore a talent search on these secluded children”, added Ingwani.

Elvis Benhura, Social Commentator who attended the commemorations appealed to government to revise its of selecting children from benefits from government social welfare programs.

“The Government should at least revise its criteria whenever they select learners who participate on national programs for instants we never seen a child parliamentarian drawn from orphanages and private colleges,” he said.

The event was attended by students both primary and secondary from different private colleges who participated in music, theatre, poetry and drama.

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