Government Pledges to Support People With Disabilities

Labor and Social Welfare minister, Petronella Kagonye has pledged support towards people living with disabilities saying government stands ready to help uplift their lives.

Speaking at a news conference during the appointment of 17 member disability board in Harare on Monday, Kagonye said government is working on modalities to allocate people living disabilities them adequate resources in line with the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disability.

“Globally, attention is being placed on mainstream disability, as we are a state party to many conventions including the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disability, government is then called upon to allocate adequate resources that will ensure that this function is achieved,” said Kagonye.

She encouraged the new disability board to work so hard in representing others and prove their worth in the society.

“Please be advised that your new responsibilities require you to be committed, vigilant and determined. Being a board member requires you to be the eyes and ears of all persons with disabilities,” said minister Kagonye.

Speaking on the same occasion, the newly appointed disability board chairperson, Mercy Maunganidze from the Zimbabwe Albino Association promised to work with people disability and help uplift their lives.

“I am willing to work with you and be your servant. I therefore promise you to be committed and do everything to uplift the life of every disabled person in the country,” she said.


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