FULL THREAD: Gonyeti Says Her Abductors Forced Her To Remove Clothes

Popular Bustop TV comedienne Gonyeti real name Samantha Kureya has revealed heartbreaking details of her abduction last night saying she was forced to drink sewer water, strip naked while they beat her up before dumping her in Crowborough.

Below is the full details from the Bustop TV Twitter channel;

“Samantha/Gonyeti says they forced her to drink sewer water and threatened to kill her mother if she reports about her abduction.

“Her sister was beaten and they had guns pointed at her family including her sister’s kids.

“They forced her to remove all her clothes & beat her up with weapons. She later walked around the Crowborough neighborhood seeking for clothes after she was abandoned. She only got assistance on the 6th house whose residents had to throw a dress through the window.Everyone was scared.”

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