FULL STATEMENT: Mines Minister Chitando On Chiadzwa Intrusion

On 19th January there was an intrusion of unidentified people who entered into the Portal A Mining area of Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company. They took with then some tailings from dumps. For the record tailings are the residue of ore which would have been processed to extract diamonds and for which there is no value attached. This was an isolated incident which is being investigated by the Police and which should not be views as a threat to diamond operations in Chiadzwa.

Until investigations by the Police are concluded there is no basis to speculate on the identity of the intruders and any speculation on such identity is pre-mature.

The security of our diamonds fields is of the highest standards which fully meet Kimberly Process Certification Systems requirements and which we cause to review regularly to prevent any breaches. It is precisely because of this that the intruders could not get to the area which contains valuable ores and processed material. The surveillance measures alerted the presence of intruders which enabled the security to react accordingly.

On a separate note completely unrelated to this incident, there are about 80 people who have been dismissed from Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company over various disciplinary cases


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