Former Warriors player launches football academy

Former Warriors player Edzai Kasinauyo has partnered with former Caps United board member, Nhamo Tutisani in the establishment of a football academy in Mount Pleasant (Mt Pleasant) in Harare last week. This week they have been conducting trials with coaches from Holland.

Kasinauyo revealed that the newly formed academy have invited guys from both Holland and South African’s Ajax Cape Town and have been conducting trials with the youngsters this whole past week.

“We have invited different people for the first trials this week, among them we have some guys from Holland and we have also worked with guys from Ajax Cape Town as part of our trials and they are helping us and sharing new ideas,” said Kasinauyo.

Co-director of Sports Avenues Academy and former Caps United board member hailed the youngsters as they are the key to strong bases of football and that they should be managed and marketed very well.

“The youth are the core products and for it to be a good product you have to support it very well administratively, marketing wise and management wise,” said Tutisani.

Sports Avenue Academy will be using Mt Pleasant High School as their home, an institution with a vision of leading the way in developing raw talent.

Head of the academy’s Technical Department, Friday Phiri underlined the academy’s thrust of imparting budding players with modern football methods.

“We are trying to bring up youngsters coming through to play the modern football and try to develop them into modern players,” revealed Phiri.

The Mt Pleasant-based academy joins other institutions such as Aces Youth Academy and DC Academy in seeking to develop untapped talent.

Meanwhile, the academy’s directors say the U-17 team will travel to Germany in August 2015.


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