First Lady, Grace Mugabe savages VP Mnangagwa at Church Interface Rally

First Lady, Grace Mugabe’s plot to oust Vice President ED. Mnangagwa has reached climax after spending the better part of her speech directing scathing attacks towards the under-fire ZANU PF stalwart. She declared that the VP should be gone, both from government and Zanu PF party, before the ruling party’s extraordinary congress next month.

“His head must be crushed. I have said I will personally make sure disciplinary procedures are followed to deal with Mnangagwa even if everyone in the party is scared. I will not be intimidated. Chaanogona kudenha vamwe ndizvo chete zvaanogona Mnangagwa. Asi igwara muchimuona akadai ipapo, hapana zviripo” saved First Lady, Grace Mugabe

Mnangagwa has come under attack after years of a brutal internal power struggle that has seen Zanu PF split between two distinct factions. The VP is reportedly leading one faction known as Team Lacoste while another group known as G40 is fronted by party national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo with support from Mugabe and his wife.

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