First Lady Acts On Climate Change

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxillia has partnered with the Ministry of Environment, Climate , Tourism and Hospitality Industry to plant indigenous trees as a way to respond to climate change.

The First Lady said it was critical for citizens to put their heads together and find ways of addressing climate change through various projects.

1 500 trees were planted around Chemvuu Dam through the Forestry Commission whereupon the First Lady, who is a hands-on person, planted a Mahogany tree, also known as Mukamba in Shona.

Trees provide food and oxygen while also beautifying the landscape and curbing erosion.

All these developments are part of the second phase of an integrated environmental programme for schools and communities launched by Amai Mnangagwa recently.

The second phase of the programme will be rolled out in all the provinces countrywide.

The environmental patron, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, also donated plastic bins to Museki Primary School and urged pupils to make use of them to keep the school litter-free.

in her speech, the First Lady said she was grateful to unveil the second phase of a deliberate programme to preserve the environment in various areas while working closely together with children and women.

“This integrated environmental programme is critical more so in this era where there is reduced rainfall which makes us face shortages year after year. This programme is in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry,”

She implored members of the community to preserve fruit seeds for use later in the establishment of a community orchard.

The First Lady spoke strongly against practices that result in siltation and to take measures like planting trees around dams so that soil on the edge remains compact to prevent it from being washed into the dam.

“We should plant trees around dams and cultivate our crops wisely to avoid siltation,” she said.

Amai Mnangagwa said she intends to introduce competitions to promote environmental conservation in districts throughout the country where winners will walk away with huge prizes.

Mrs Evelyn Charinda, one of the beneficiaries of the community garden, said they were working hard to produce better crops and expressed eagerness to learn more.

“There are 56 members in this project who are eager to learn more and participate in this environmental conservation. We will improve the nutrition of the community and develop ourselves through learning new things,” she said.

Charinda said she was thankful for the First Lady’s teachings encouraging women to take part in income-generating projects.

Norest Denhedze praised Amai Mnangagwa for the fish project which he said will help generate employment and ensure the community realizes its development goals through such income-generating projects.

“What happened here could not have been successful were it not for Amai’s efforts and words of encouragement. This is enlightening and we promise to carry forward with the project,” he said.

The function which was attended by thousands of villagers from surrounding communities saw the First Lady  launch a fish farming project which focuses on breams that are conducive for Zaka’s hot weather.

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