Festive Season Headache For Schweppes Zimbabwe

Schweppes Zimbabwe has revealed that it is working with its packaging suppliers and bankers to unlock imported raw materials components and ensure adequate supply of Mazoe and other beverages during the festive season.

Speaking to 263Chat, the group Managing Director Charles Msipa said they have been under supplying the market due to the lack of packaging material.

“l think its very obvious that during this demand pick season we have been under supplying the market mainly because our packaging has an imported component and our local packaging supplier has only been able to meet fifty percent of our packaging requirements.

“We are working very hard with our packaging suppliers and bankers about unlocking those imported raw materials components to ensure that by December if the plans are in place, we will be able to increase supplies to the domestic market for Mazoe and Mazoe cordials and our other beverages including bottled water,” he said.

Meanwhile Msipa added that recently announced Mazoe Orange Crush price increase was prompted by rising costs of key imported ingredients including the introduction of the 2% tax on transfers.

“We have had to make an adjustment in pricing on two liters Mazoe orange crush from $3.20 to $4.00 per unit and that was the recommended retail price and that was really to do with an increase we had to take on manufacturers of sugar that we use and other operational expenses that we have taken account of including the introduction of the 2% tax on transfers,” said Msipa.



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