FBC Bank Enables Mobile Merchant and Bill Payments for Everyone

FBC Bank has enabled a mobile merchant and bill payment solution that allows anyone with a bank account to enjoy the convenience of making payments using digital channels such as USSD Codes, Mobile Banking Applications and WhatsApp Banking on the ZIPIT Smart platform.

In simple terms, the new solution allows anyone with a bank account to make payments at churches (tithes), small to medium enterprises, vendors, tuck shops, barber shops, saloons, flea markets, among other merchants using a mobile device without the need to carry a physical ATM Card.

Individual FBC Account and non-account holders are not required to register, as merchant and bill payment services are available on mobile banking platforms.

Commenting on the new development, Roy Nyakunuwa (Acting Head-FBC Group Marketing) said mobile merchant and bill payments will play a significant role in mitigating the spread of coronavirus in Zimbabwe.

“In the wake of the highly contagious coronavirus, handling banknotes, touching surfaces and not maintaining social distance amongst other factors increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Consequently, as a customer-obsessed and health conscious institution, we have seen it fit to offer a mobile payment platform as part of our digital transformation thrust and our quest to keep pace with global and local standards in the financial services sector”, he said.

“The FBC ZIPIT Smart Mobile payment solution allows any bank account holder to execute seamless and swift transactions whilst maintaining social distancing, as the client will simply pay for goods or services without the need for touching keypads/touchpads of a POS machine and passing an ATM Card to the cashier for swiping. This will go a long way towards protecting the transacting public and cashiers from the risk of Covid-19 infection because they Matter Most,” added Mr Nyakunuwa.

Clients can enjoy the convenience of making payments using their mobile devices by following the simple procedures outlined below:

How to Make Merchant and Bill Payments: FBC Non-Individuals Who Do Not Bank with FBC Bank or Building Society

Step 1-Enter your Mobile Banking USSD code

Step 2- Enter 4 digit PIN to access banking menu

Step 3- Select ZIPIT Smart option;

Step 4- Select option 1 pay merchant;

Step 5- Enter the Smart Merchant Code displayed by cashier;

Step 6- Enter the transaction amount;

Step 7- Accept confirmation.


Simple Steps to Make Payments- FBC Account Holders

Step 1- Dial *220# USSD code

Step 2- Select banking services

Step 3- Enter 4 digital pin

Step 4- Select Merchant payment option 6

Step 5- Select option 1 which is Zipit smart

Step 6- Select card or account

Step 7- Enter merchant code

Step 8- Enter amount

Step 9- Press 1 confirm

Pop up message showing the amount, merchant name, merchant code and reference number.

  • Press 1 to return to main menu or any other key to exit.

With the new service, individual account holders will enjoy the benefits of using mobile phone initiated merchant payments through a merchant code which is matched to a merchant’s bank account instantly; making payments without using physical ATM Cards and reducing the costs of making payments without moving funds to mobile wallets.

Any business enterprise: Small to Medium or Corporates with an active FBC Bank account automatically qualify for receiving mobile payments through ZIPIT Smart.

SME or Corporate accounts who are interested in signing up for ZIPIT Smart Merchant payments must visit the nearest FBC Bank or Building Society branch to register to become a ZIPIT Smart Merchant

FBC ZIPIT Smart Merchants such as churches, small to medium enterprises, vendors, tuck shops, barber shops, saloons, flea markets, among others also benefit from receiving instant value; associating their merchant ID to an instant card (possibly) which has less stringent KYC requirements; Increased business; improved customer loyalty and retention and receiving daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns detailing number of transactions and transaction amounts. FBC Bank continues to make waves in the market with new, innovative and digitalised products which allow clients to transact without the need for physical interaction, thereby assisting in curbing the spread of the corona virus.

The bank is strategically poised to deliver seamless services through state-of-the-art digital channels which deliver 24/7 convenience to its clients.


Issued on 15 December 2020

Roy Nyakunuwa- Acting Head of FBC Group Marketing Group Marketing Division FBC Centre,

45 Nelson Mandela Avenue Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone : +263 242 707057/704608/783206

Cell : +263 731 306 861

Email : [email protected]

Website : www.fbc.co.zw

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