Fashion and Style Icon Of the Week : Minister Walter Mzembi


While most men chose to focus on either fashion or success, there are others who seem to get it right on both ends. This week’s fashion and style icon, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi is a perfect representation of  a complete man who combines style and success.

By Lemuel Rangarira Chekai

Him being a politician, headache smiting issues will definitely be coming from all angles but this seems far away from being a deterrent to his style and taste. Every man can be witness to the fact that when really under pressure or stress the dress sense literally departs. This is why in the streets of Harare dapper looking men are very few. Things to worry about are too many, jobs, money, personal problems etc.

However regardless of all the problems that we face everyday, lesson learnt so far from this week’s style icon is that you don’t advertise your griefs through appearing in public while poorly dressed. You get up, clean up, dress up and then face the problem boldly on your feet, that’s the recipe to success.

Be it on casual or formal looks, Mzembi has mastered all the principles of men’s style way better than any politician  in Zimbabwe. A few months back he attended Peter Moyo’s album launch dressed in blue jeans, a zipped  up horizontally striped black and red sweater, brown blazer and a right side tilted hat to make his fashion. Very fascinating how much he understands the art of layering and detailing for a politician.

More pictures below showing Mzembi dribbling with his wardrobe.

The golden question that remains which he himself would have to answer is whose touch is it that presents a well furnished man to Zimbabwe every day could it be his wife Barbara M Perez Hernandez, a stylist or he just does it  all by himself?

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