Everyone has a role to play in ending gender disparities

Convincing everyone in society that they are as likely as women to benefit from gender equality is the strongest argument to get them involved in ending gender disparities, Professor Hope Sadza said.

This was revealed at the African Dream Benefit event held in Harare today.

“The struggle for social equality between men and women is an area of relevance to everyone. The area calls for everyone to be involved to fight gender imbalances,” she said.

Tolerating equality and rebuffing gender stereotypes would help end discrimination against men seeking jobs typically done by women, increase their participation in family life, and ease the economic burden of supporting their families as more women enter the workforce, she said.

She went on to say that despite efforts to curb gender imbalances women are still suffering.

“Evidence shows that women are struggling and still continue to be in the lower ranks which makes it difficult for them to be leaders,” she said.

The country which has women constituting more than half of the population is still receiving cases of gender in equality.

“In Zimbabwe women constitute 52% of the total population but the same cannot be said at higher positions. Gender segregation in the labor market remains a problem for both men and women,” said Professor Sadza.

Moving forward, Professor Sadza emphasised the need to close the gender gap.

“If the gender gap is not closed women will always think it’s normal to be at lower ranks of the society. It is a duty for men and women to improve the gender disparities to allow women to take their places,” she said.

Speaking at the same function, the Executive Director of The African Dream Benefit, Fadzai Matambanadzo, urged young people to invest in themselves.

“Invest in yourself as a young person,” said Matambanadzo adding that young people are important stakeholders in the development of the country and the continent at large.

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