EPL weekly


So double header week, with midweek and weekend fixtures. So here are the 5 things we learnt this week.

1. Chelsea are the real deal. Even after not playing particularly well Chelsea got the goal that mattered, And when put under pressure, Conte showed he is a tactical genius by throwing on Fabregas to control the midfield. I will say it again, all Chelsea have to look forward to this season is the League, and they look pretty much invincible right now.

2. Zlatan is a beast, showed his clinical side, and is asshole side all in the space of 10 minutes. Heading in a goal, and then leveling a west brom defender with a shoulder charge Ray Lewis would be proud of. At 30 something, the big man still has decent turn of pace and a lot of power to create something from nothing. Oh, Rooney played too. He was decent.

3. Arsenal under Wenger will always disappoint. Could be a knee jerk reaction but the loss to City sits squarely with Arsene. His inability to change tactics is shocking, but the real issue is his decision not to take off Mesut Ozil, who did absolutely F**k ALL for 90 minutes. he strolled around the park, not giving 2 shits about marking or pressing the ball. And when he did get he gave it right back to City. The Arsenal f***ckery has well and truly began and the “Wenger Out” brigade will be out in full force.

4. The refs inconsistencies have been, well, shocking!! Jamie Vardy’s sending off was a farce. Rojo has made 2 reckless challenges in the last couple of weeks. One of those challenges, it was the same bloody ref who sent off Vardy. Get your act together mate. When it becomes about the ref and not the players, then the refs haven’t done their job.

5. Pep knows how to beat Wenger. So does every top manager to be honest, but Pep is the master. Pep knew he had to switch things up sent Sane to terrorize the Arsenal back 4. Paid off immediately. These are things Wenger can’t do anymore. City have won 2 in a row now. And with Fernandinho and Aguero back in the coming week, looks like City could be back in the hunt.

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