EPL weekly


It was goals galore this week, save for UTD customary 1 goal sh*t, but on the whole some great stuff. So here are the 5 things we learnt this week.

1. Pep is trouble. OK he is not in danger of losing his job or anything like that, but his team were completely out bulldozed by the Foxes. City looked bad without Fernandinho and Aguero, and always looked vulnerable on the counter. This is what Pep can expect from teams that play his City side. Leicester just showed everyone how to beat City.

2. Arsenal has the deepest squad in the league. There is desire about the Gunners at the moment, and its because the competition for places is so tight, everyone has to be on their game. Ox did his best Ozil impression with that gorgeous pass to Mesut for the second goal. I mean you have Ramsey, Giroud on the bench, and that without the injured Carzola and Welbeck. If they play their cards right, the Gunners could end their EPL drought.

3. Pochettino literally worships the ground Mou walks on. Supporting bitch assness Mou does on the weekly basis. I love me some Pochetinno but him waxing lyrical on Mourinho was some brown nosing of the highest order. I feel that took a bit of edge and Sp*rs went in there and showed UTD too much respect.

4. Mikki is starting to look like the player UTD thought they were getting. His goal was amazing, and you can see exactly why Mou signed him. He was everything good about UTD against Sp*rs, his invention and guile in the final 3rd is something a finished Wazza can’t produce anymore. I hate UTD but Mikki is a special player.

5. Sp*rs are not League contenders. Harry Kane had a no show, even losing the ball in the lead up to Mikki’s goal. Delle Alli is NOT a number 10. Play Erickssen there Poch. But they have no depth in that squad, Poch has precious little work with and when Kane is off then the whole team is off. They are in serious need of reinforcements.

Bonus Round: Liverpool can’t keep a clean sheet. Karius is a train wreck of a goalie. We know Liverpool can score, but we also know they cant defend. NOT league contenders until they can start keeping clean sheets.


1. Chelsea still at the top. Diego cant stop scoring. Most complete first 11 in the league right now.
2. Arsenal, don’t say it too load but the Gunners are quietly going about their business. Say it quietly though.
3. Liverpool, managed a draw but are falling away from the top 2 and the moment. May be hitting a bit of a bump now.
4. City but only because they are so far ahead of 5th. They could drop further down with the fixtures they have coming up.

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