Epl Weekly

I didn’t write last week. I was lazy!! Sorry!!
With that out the way, Congrats to Leicester who proved they are not a flash in the pan by dispatching of a pretty sorry Everton, UTD got the ugly win, City and Arsenal played to an exciting draw, and Klopp is no flop!!
Leicester have simply been brilliant. Congrats to them. Can they do again next season, probably not, but who cares? With new TV money coming in, they will be able to get some new players, good ones too. But let’s enjoy the cinderella story that has been Leicester.
UTD got an ugly win and kept their CL hopes alive. Can you believe LVG could actually stay. For a minute there it looked like Mou would come in, but right now it looks as though LVG will see out his contract. Don’t really know if this is a good thing or a bad thing for UTD. Probably waiting for Giggs me thinks.
City v Arsenal played a really good 2-2 draw. For Arsenal, all they need is a draw in their next game vs the really sucky Villa. City now hope UTD drop points. hehehe Guadiola could be in the Europa next season. That would be something. Wenger knows how to get top 4, its what he is good at, so bank on the Gunners to again make up the numbers in the CL next season SMH!!
Liverpool won. I think they will now look at the Europa final more now. Silverware in his first season is a real possibility for Klopp. Brendan who????
Spurs lost and could seriously lose second spot if they lose next week. Hehehe St Totteringhams day hehehe. They may not finish above the Gunners after all.
No rankings this week. Leicester won. So they don’t matter anymore.
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