Efoods Partners Carl Joshua Ncube For New Yoghurt Launch

Stand up comedian and chef, Carl Joshua Ncube has hit another milestone with a partnership involving the country’s premier manufacturer of sauces and sachets, Efoods in range of sauce-inspired yoghurts, Mr Sauce expected to hit markets soon.

In a statement released by Efoods yesterday, Ncube’s kitchen skills prompted the food manufacturing company to enlist his insight and expertise on “game changer for breakfast.”

“Prompted by his unorthodox tactics – like the signature Mazoe-basted roasted chicken – Ncube was approached with a brief to collaborate and innovate a game changer for

The yoghurts will come in handy as alternatives for cereals, mueslis, smoothies, and drinks that have reached spiking prices. They will be introduced with the limited edition of best-selling sweet chilli, barbecue, and tomato flavours.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Efoods head of marketing, Justin Evans said: “One of our core beliefs is that tasty food should be easy and affordable. With that in mind, we are always on the look-out for unique ways to bring meals to life through our sauces.“

Ncube could not hide his excitement saying “I always like to challenge myself to stay creative and find fresh takes on my ingredients. To say no to an exciting opportunity collaborating with one of my favourite sauces would simply be foolish.”

Efoods will be expanding their range with the introduction of a newly-installed cold process manufacturing line.

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