Edgars Partners DJ Stavo, Bryan K in “Sound of Summer”

Clothing retail giant, Edgars has collaborated with DJ Stavo and Bryan K to officially launch its 2018 summer wear themed “Sound of Summer”.

Speaking during the launch at Pabloz in Harare today, Edgars Group Marketing Executive, Rumbidzai Dzimba said the collaboration with DJ Stavo and Bryan K aims at establishing a lasting relationship with customers.

“As Edgars, we see the partnership beyond our product. The collaboration is an opportunity not only to engage the customer, but to create lasting relationships. The partnership transcends beyond simply creating a catchy tune or a hit song, the goal is to create new opportunities, promote and empower local artistes,” she said.

She added that Edgars has managed to stay relevant in a “notoriously ever evolving” fashion industry because of continuous reinvention of the brand to suit changing markets.

“Despite being in existence for more than 70 years, we have stepped up to the plate by continuously reinventing the brand to ensure that we stay relevant to the ever-evolving market,” said Dzimba.

The theme “Sound of Summer” is accompanied by an anthem that was produced by Edgars’ new partners DJ Stavo and Bryan K.

The “Sound of Summer” song is not a jingle, but a fully-fledged music track designed to gain organic leverage purely on its own and subliminally reinforcing the Edgars brand. Production of the song was sponsored by Edgars.




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