ED Is Stuck In Politics Of Appeasement: Magaisa

United Kingdom based academic Alex Magaisa has warned the ruling Zanu PF against pursuing politics of appeasement saying the 2017 November power transition was anchored on goodwill with the populace investing faith in President Emmerson Mnangagwa to institute reforms.

Magaisa warned that Mnangagwa’s party appeasement approach will block meaningful reforms the people of Zimbabwe are looking forward to.

Writing on Twitter today, Magaisa said the incumbent has failed to reign in on his party as it still pursues its old days culture under Robert Mugabe.

“Before World War 2, then British PM Neville Chamberlain thought a policy of appeasement towards Hitler would pacify the tyrant and prevent another war. It was seen as pragmatic. But it failed to stop Hitler. He went on regardless. No, appeasement doesn’t stop authoritarianism.

“ED came in with a huge amount of goodwill. The coup was tolerated. He had great chances to make changes. Before elections, backers gave the excuse that he could not make fundamental reforms lest he disrupts his ship. But the situation has worsened and reforms are still lacking,” he wrote.

Magaisa urged the President to take a leaf from the young Ethiopian leader Abiy Ahmed Ali who took over power in April this year saying he has demonstrated enthusiasm to institute reforms for the good of his country.

“Not far off in Ethiopia is a young leader who came into power a months after ED. His name is Abiy Ahmed, born 1976. He has used his role to make key changes that are transforming Ethiopia. He has made peace with the neighbors and acknowledged past wrongs. He has made impact.

“It remains to be seen whether Ahmed maintains the momentum – we hope he does – but he has made an impactful start which gives hope to his people. It is this impactful beginning which ED failed to make, preferring to appease his comrades while squandering the goodwill he had,” he wrote.

Magaisa further warned that Zimbabwe will not reform using the appeasement billboard towards ZANU PF charging that the olive branch the opposition extended for talks to resolve the political impasse is being misunderstood yet it is an opportunity rebuild the country.

Both Mnangagwa and Chamisa have closed doors on the rebirth of a coalition government reminiscent to the 2009 to 2013 power sharing deal that saw Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai closing ranks in the formation of a government of national unity.

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