ED Insincere On Corruption: MDC

MUTARE- The main opposition party Movement for Democratic Change has said the firing of corruption whistleblowers in Zanu PF exposes President Emerson Mnangagwa’s presidency of insincerity in fighting the scourge.

Commenting on the suspension of ZANU PF youth wing leaders Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu, MDC Manicaland provincial spokesperson David Panganai it proved that the anti-corruption crusade was a smokesscreen.

“There is no sincerity on the part of ZANU PF to fight corruption, there isn’t at all. It’s just a smokescreen, we know for sure that the government or probably the party that is in power right now is just deceiving the country in wanting to portray themselves as fighting corruption.

“If it’s coming from their own structures and they wake up the following morning expelling the same people exposing corruption they purport to be fighting, surely that is a sign of people who are not keen on dealing decisively with corruption.

“As the opposition, we have been clear that we are sure about what is affecting the country, it is nothing more than corruption and misgovernance, if it were to be dealt with we would have been halfway to solving economic issues crippling the country,” said Panganai.

He added, “As long as government drags their feet on dealing with corruption we are nowhere near solving our problems as a country.”

Panganai said despite the complex nature of corruption, the Presidium was well placed to fight the scourge as they have been part of the regime for years.

He also accused the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission led by Loice Matanda-Moyo of being captured and compromised in fighting graft as its leadership operates at the benevolence of the appointing authority.

“Corruption is complex but what is apparent is a that it is a line that stretches from the bottom right to the apex of government, dealing with corruption at whatever level affects the ultimate.

“So, they appear to be not in an urgency, ED has been part of the system that has been running the country for the past 38 years, and he should be in clear position to deal with corruption.

“He has purportedly appointed a commission to deal with corruption and that commission is compromised, its chaired by the wife of one of the coup leaders, this alone show his intentions.

“The commission is captured and operates at the behest of the appointing authority, the catch and release shows that they have been targeting small fish while leaving the kingpins of corruption,” said Panganai.


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