EcoCash CEO Makes the Grade for Young Global Leaders Class Of 2018

EcoCash Chief Executive Officer, Natalie Jabangwe has been selected by the World Economic Forum to join its Young Global Leaders Class of 2018. She is the youngest executive to run Africa’s second fastest growing mobile financial services Ecocash, a subsidiary of the telecoms giant Econet Wireless.

Jabangwe’s revolutionary firebrand in the financial services sector has stirred Ecocash to the 2017 Corporate Recipient of Best Mobile Payment Solution Award at last year’s Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain.

Natalie Jabangwe – Chief Executive Officer for Ecocash, a flagship of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Jabangwe took to Twitter to celebrate her selection for the Young Global Leaders class of 2018;

The World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders initiative brings together the world’s 100 brightest professionals under the age of 40 to shape an inclusive and sustainable future.

The 100 Young Global Leaders’s class is composed of the world’s most promising artists, business leaders, public servants, technologists and social entrepreneurs selected from all continents.

They are joining a community under a five-year programme that will challenge them to think beyond their scope of expertise and be more impactful leaders. The nominations came from the basis of their ground-breaking work, creative approaches to problems and ability to build bridges across cultures and between business, government and civil society.

Natalie joins Karabo Morule from South Africa, Khaled Igue from Benin, Samuel Alemayehu from Ethiopia and 96 other participants chosen from other countries across the globe.

“Developing gene editing technology, building computers that recognize human emotions, leading multi-billion dollar companies to renewable energy, and rebuilding civil society in a war torn nation. These are some of the Young Global Leaders Class of 2017 awardees who are making outstanding contribution to their field and society. Each year, we select the most innovative, enterprising and socially minded men and women under the age of 40 who are pushing boundaries and rethinking the world around them.” read an official statement from World Economic Forum website.

“This year’s class of Young Global Leaders gives hope that they are ready to tackle the world’s most complex and pressing challenges. They are invited to join a community and a five-year leadership journey that we believe will help them break down silos, bridge cultures and use their collective skills to get things done for positive impact across private, public and civil society organizations.” added WEF on their official website.

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