EcoCash To Act On Agents Charging Premium

Ecocash, the country’s leading mobile money platform has promised to act on agents illegally charging premiums on cash out services.

In an interview with 263Chat on Wednesday, EcoCash General Manager, Natalie Jabangwe Morris said they are working with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to revoke operating licenses to those agents illegally charging premiums on cash out.

“We are currently working with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to make address problems of agents charging premiums on Cash Out because its illegal, as EcoCash we say its a right of every customer to get cash without premium charges,” said Jabangwe.

Meanwhile, Ecocash has launched a new service that will assist customers move money from their bank accounts into their EcoCash accounts using point of sale machines.

According to Jabangwe, the new service called Swipe into Ecocash will allow Ecocash customers to conveniently transfer money from their bank accounts into their Ecocash wallets at any outlet with a Steward Bank Point Of Sale (POS) machine.

“Cash has become expensive for any market especially at this moment when our country is facing a liquidity crisis, hence we found it painful to see our customers spending long ours in queues at banks so that they withdraw money and put it into their wallets such that they could cash in.

“We saw this and it was also painful to our customers and we started thinking around that what does it mean for our customers if we are not able to provide a value proposition that is far more adaptable and flexible so one of the thing that we thought about was international remittances so that people can receive money from their friends and relatives in the diaspora,and now we thought of the swipe into EcoCash  whereby anyone can now conveniently swipe into EcoCash using your bank card at any outlet with a steward Bank POS machine,its simple safe and secure,”said Jabangwe.

She added that the service is limited to EcoCash customers with ZimSwitch bank cards only and if the bank card is ZimSwitch enabled,it is possible to swipe to cash in.

“This morning as we launch swipe into EcoCash,not only have we enabled anybody with a bank card and is registered to EcoCash who does not yet have perhaps their banking services who may not be linked to EcoCas or customers that are linked to EcoCash but their banking services are not active or customers with banks that are linked to EcoCash but not yet registered ,now it means if you have any card with ZimSwitch you are welcome to swipe your funds into EcoCash by simply visiting an agent who has got a POS machine,”she said.

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