Earth Tremor Hits Manicaland  

MUTARE– Government officials have said authorities are investigating unconfirmed reports that some parts of Chipinge on Friday experienced mild earth tremors.

By Donald Nyarota

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Munesuishe Munodawafa revealed that there were reports of a mild tremor in an area which previously experienced Cyclone Idai.

MUnodawafa said the reports were a clear confirmation that Zimbabwe and the region at large are to adapt to climate change strategies including developments which are climate proof.

“There is suspicion that there could have been slight earth tremors again just yesterday  (Friday) around 4:30 there about in the Chipinge area, it could be a sad reality that we are now facing.

“We need to then move forward, even as tourism industry, as we do our projects we now need to take seriously the issue of climate proofing our structures and construction project because it’s a sad reality that we now face.

“Mauritius is hit by at least four cyclones every single year but we never hear of roofs being blown away because they have now realized that that is reality and they are climate proofing their structures,” he said.

Cyclone Idai survivors who are still housed in makeshift tents recently sent a distress call after heavy rains pounded Manicaland leaving another  trail of destruction.

Minister of Public Works and Local Government July Moyo toured affected areas in Manicaland, Chimanimani, Chipinge as well as Mutare where two primary school roofs were blown by gusty winds which accompanied the heavy rains.

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