Doctors Vow To Intensify Push For Better Salaries

Despite reuniting with their allegedly abducted leader, Dr Peter Magombeyi who went missing on Saturday last week, Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) members have vowed to intensify their push for better working conditions.

In a statement released soon after their reunion with Dr Magombeyi, ZHDA made it clear that they will continue to push for better salaries from their employer.

“We must keep cognizant of the fact that Peter was abducted whilst fighting for a fair wage for all doctors and health workers at large . The deplorable economic situation persists and we must not forget our struggle . We therefore continue to say NO MONEY, NO WORK,” read the statement.

“We maintain that the abduction of Dr Peter shows that our association is directly under attack for simply asking for a fair and living wage. At this time we must stick together in solidarity and press on in action,” reads the statement.

“We urge you to maintain the solidarity we have exhibited thus far and we are confident that we will attain what we set to achieve when we began engaging the government. We therefore advise our members to stay in the comfort of their homes whilst negotiations are underway,” further noted ZHDA.

The doctors are unequivocal in their push to have their allowances reviewed to match the interbank rate which keeps going up on a daily basis.

They also expressed gratitude to the nation for the support which they got during the time their union leader Dr Magombeyi was abducted.

ZHDA secretary general,  Dr Mthabisi Bhebhe said they are looking forward to Dr Magombeyi’s recovery following what he termed a ‘harrowing ordeal’.

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