Doctors Remain Unmoved By Chiwenga’s Restructuring Plan

Medical doctors remain unmoved by the restructuring proposal by the new health and child care minister Vice President Constantino Chiwenga saying they will only make a decision after fully understanding details of his plan.

In a telephone interview with Zimbabwe Senior Hospital Doctors Association (ZSHDA) Dr Aaron Musara said they are opting to figure out what the new minister is trying to do before they return to work.

“We are aware of the press conference address by the VP who is also  the Minister of Health  and Child care on the restructuring of the Health sector. We are still trying to find the details of the plan,”

“We await further guidance from our constituency on the way forward. As of now, senior doctors are not offering full services in hospitals. Some emergency cover was being offered in some cases,”

Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZIMA) and Hospital Doctors Association have both embraced Chiwenga’s restructuring plan opting to take the dialogue route which they said does not endanger patients.

“Us junior doctors and other middle level doctors are not on strike. The senior doctors and specialist doctors are the ones who were on strike but we are going to work,” said Hospital Doctors Association representative, Dr Emmanuel Masosota.

He added that the restructuring plan was a welcome development which needs to be implemented to turn around the country’s health care system.

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