Do Something for Him This Valentine’s

February is the month of love and 263Chat will be celebrating it with you by giving you ideas on what you can do for your loved ones and today we are going to look what women can do for their men on the day.

Valentine’s day is not about women only as it has been stereotyped but men also want to feel special and treated.

After carrying out a survey with a few men, I came to the conclusion that men are simple and the simplest things can go a long way in a relationship. Below are a few pointers i got from the survey:

  • Know your partner and he’s character very well, that way it is easy for you to know what makes his heart tick fancy.
  • We have heard the common saying, Only way to a man’s heart is through he’s stomach. It would be nice to prepare your boyfriend/husband’s favorite meal or even prepare it together.
  • If your man drinks a bottle of whiskey or wine would do the trick.
  • In a family setup the children or mother are in control of the remote, for the day let him be the controller, give him the remote.
  • Couples are intimate for the best part of their relationships but at times they run the risk of doing things the same way and it becomes boring. For the night be creative, be sassy, be another woman. Do something to stir their inner desires. Men are visually aroused, do them the honor of being that woman.
  • Get him a belt, tie, wrist watch, cuff links. Men appreciate theses.
  • Let him be King for the day, women love being in charge of almost everything, even conversation.
  • Re-create your first date, with this you will see how far you have gone in the relationship and get all mushy about old memories.
  • We cannot argue against the fact that women outdo men in a lot of things but appreciating the effort he puts will uplift his spirit and ego. Tell him how much you appreciate his presence. Stick a note on the bathroom mirror and it’s the first thing he sees in the morning with a message of appreciation.
  • Spend the day or night together.

Let’s take time to appreciate our partners and stop worrying about what he will get you. He has this in control, play your part too and make him feel special.

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