DJ Platinum Opens Up About Closed Relationships In Ndinewe


Budding Kadoma artiste Lee-Roy Dzingisai who goes by the moniker Dj Platinum recently released a song titled Ndinewe that talks about the issues and challenges of closed relationships.

By Marshall Bwanya

Ndinewe talks about the circumstances that drive partners to engage in closed relationships.

DJ Platinum in the song argues that society labels some people to be undeserving of a second chance in relationships, when in essence they are trying to start over again.

Society’s premeditated negative conclusions make it difficult for some people to leave closed relationships for fear of victimisation.

The budding artiste confessed that his personal experience in a closed relationship inspired him to write Ndinewe.

“This song is special dedication to one special lady whom I fell in love with and had a closed relationship with for certain reasons.

“However, I realised that in a closed relationship doubt and insecurities eventually creep in leading to a detrimental rift in the relationship.

“In Ndinewe was addressing all those insecurities and assuring my partner that I don’t care about how society brands our relationship as long we are together will weather all the challenges together,” he said.

DJ Platinum highlighted that he envisaged the song as source of strength and encouragement to partners that want to come out in closed relationships and show the world they are together.

No matter how bad, society would negatively doom their relationship to be toxic and unorthodox.

Ndinewe’s cover design is a simple design that can be easily mistaken as the work of a toddler.

Dj platinum explained that he chose a simple cover design that artistically resembles the forgiving innocent hearts of children.

“For Ndinewe I chose a simple cover that resembles child drawings, because children are generally loving and easily forgiving bunch that innocently don’t judge or hold grudges on the wrong actions of others.

“Well basically I was trying to tell my audience and society at large that we need to mimic the hearts of children to be tolerant and forgiving of another.

“Instead of having conceited agendas against one another, after all, we all human and make mistakes,” he said.


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