DJ Khule Coming After Oskid And DJ Tamuka

Zimbabweans are by nature a highly moralistic and conservative people. There are a lot of things which we as Zimbabweans can do freely.

It is a sure sign that one is Zimbabwean when they are unnecessarily humble, coy about their achievements.

By Tinashe Mutero

But DJ Khule of GM Records seems to be a different Zimbabwean.

When I met him I could only think of one other Zimbabwean, Robert Mukondiwa, he doesn’t shy away from his abilities and success. There is something about these exceptionally talented and somewhat pompous people that brings me closer to them. Their confidence is infectious.

DJ Khule is the royalty of music recording in the Midlands Province. He had the audacity to pronounce that he is in the same category with DJ Tamuka and Oskid.

The chubby dude might not be known all over Zimbabwe but most of his productions are now radio staples on Midlands 98.4FM, Radio Zimbabwe and National FM and a few get rotations on Jacaranda FM across the border. It is almost impossible for any worthy radio DJ on 98.4 FM to have a session which does not play DJ Khule’s music.

In fact, to the best of my knowledge close to 90 percent of gospel musicians playing on the 98.4 FM station have recorded at GM records. In my view, this precedent can be attributed to either one of the following two factors.

GM records are the only studio in the Midlands Province with a strong live music reinforcement. In addition, DJ Khule who was born Khulekani Moyo is the son of Apostle PF Moyo of the Baptist Church so he could be accruing social capital benefits. The truth however is he is very good and he deserves attention.

What I also found inspiring and probably different from GM records is that the studio has robust quality control team.

Every production does not live the studios for releasing before it goes through a rigorous process of critique led by Rumbidzai Munorwei, a first class graduate from the Midlands State University Music Department.  It so happens that  Munorwei  is the GM Records manager.

The team’s connection with the Midlands State University’s Music Department is also something to cherish. They have a partnership which sees artists benefitting from advice and mentorship from the Music department through workshops and at times focused one on one consultation.

The repertoire of music recorded at GM Records cuts across genres, be it Rn’B, hip-hop, Afro-fusion, jazz, Sungura and gospel.

However, DJ Khule concedes working from Gweru has its demerits. The small town might be quiet, peaceful offering a tranquil environment to focus on the recording but it’s far from the hustle and bustle of Harare where all the money is.

National radio stations need to look beyond Harare, there is talent across Zimbabwe and I can authoritatively say I heard numerous when I was invited to a studio listening session at GM Records.

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