Disinfect Public Transport Systems To Curb Coronavirus-MDC


Opposition MDC legislator for Mbizo Settlement Chikwinya has urged the government to disinfect the public transport system in-order to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

In a press statement yesterday, Chikwinya said Zimbabwe’s public transport system was very key hence should be looked at in the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus.

He mentioned trains, buses and airplanes as modes of mass public transport mostly overloaded and often unhygienic.

“The conditions prevalent in mostly buses, kombis and pirate taxis (mshikashika) can prove to be catalysts during such outbreaks. Cognizant of this problem, the MDC urges transport operators to sanitize public transport systems to improve the hygiene conditions,” Chikwinya said.

He called on personnel operating these mass transport systems to go through compulsory training on how to keep high standards of hygiene.

“Personal Protective Equipment for the crew must be worn appropriately and at all times. Hand sanitizers must be provided in all public transport systems and must be used by travelers,” added Chikwinya.

“Disinfectants must be sprayed in the buses and kombis at regular intervals to guard against conditions that promote survival of the coronavirus,” he added.

The MDC further called upon private companies to assist in the fight against Coronavirus through facilitating the acquisition of disinfectants and training the operators as well as provision of personal protective equipment for staffers.

“The government is for the first time expected to put to good and appropriate use the USD26 million facility availed by the Global Fund in the fight against Covid19,” said Chikwinya.

Yesterday government banned public gatherings of more than 100 people as part of a raft of measures to contain coronavirus but questions still remain on plans to avoid overcrowding in ZUPCOs and other mini buses.



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