Diabetes, Ninth Leading Cause of Death in Women

Diabetes has been cited as the ninth leading killer disease with more than two million women dying every year, Diabetes Association of Zimbabwe (DAZ), President Tendai Gutu has said.

Speaking at the official launch of DAZ on Friday last week, Gutu stated that socio-economic inequalities make women and girls the most affected and prone to the main risk factors of diabetes.

“Because of socio-economic inequalities, women and girls often experience barriers in accessing cost-effective diabetes prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and care particularly in poor countries,

“Women and girls are also more prone to main risk factors of diabetes, which include poor diet and nutrition,” she said.

November is the diabetes awareness month and communities around world-over come together to bring attention to the impact the condition has on those affected.

Commemorated on the 14th of the month of November, World Diabetes Day raises awareness of diabetes through different activities and the theme for this year is ‘Women and Diabetes- Our Right to a Healthy Future’ as diabetes affects women in a myriad of ways.”

According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Health and Child Care in 2005, diabetes has a prevalence of 10% in Zimbabwe which exceeds the global average of 8.3%.

People living in marginalized and vulnerable communities are exposed to many diabetes risk factors through unhealthy diet, low level of physical activity, limited access to treatment, care and education.

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