The Day Mugabe Resigned

Its a Tuesday morning towards the end of the sacred month of November according to the Shona culture and  speculation is high that the army could be slowly losing ground in their battle against President Robert Mugabe and his G40 cabal.

Fast forward to noon, an open parliament is held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) and parliamentarians are busy laying out charges against Mugabe ahead of the impeachment vote.

Towards dusk a messenger, Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Happyton Bonyongwe enters the conference room holding a letter from the ‘senior old man’ himself and no-one ever predicted such an event. His entry in parliament which a few weeks ago would have received cheers due to his role as head of government business in the house is greeted by boos and jeers while some labelled him a trespasser and a sellout/spy.

As soon as the Speaker, Advocate Jacob Mudenda read out the first paragraph of Mugabe’s resignation letter, the whole room was shuttered as parliamentarians and other people in the public gallery ululated, whistled and celebrated the fall of a giant. A task both Senate and National Assembly had begun to impeach Mugabe had been lessened and this was a cause for jubilation and for a moment everyone in the HICC believed all the problems facing Zimbabwe had come to an end.

Within minutes word had reached every corner of both the city of Harare and Zimbabwe. If anyone under-estimated the power of social media, the events of Tuesday leading to Mugabe’s resignation are a testimony. Sounds of cars hooting, whistles and screams could be heard from literally everywhere. The mere feeling that the man who has presided over the country’s destruction had gone was too good to handle and ruptures of joy with some jumping up and down while some hugged and kissed in celebration became the order of the day for close to three hours.

Along Jason Moyo Avenue in Harare, scores of army officers could be seen raising and waving their boots and shirts in jubilation, cars are speeding off and drifting, even street kids joined in the celebrations.

In the area between Joina City and Ximex mall crowds gathered, blocking roads while the theme song ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ is exchanged on the playlist together with ‘Ndini Ndamubata.’  Was all this planned? Was the artist part of this? the album is so in sync with the ongoing events!! Only the artist knows.

It was the dawn of a new era some hope has been rekindled we were tired all of waiting in bank queues for money. The country has thousands of graduates selling airtime in the streets due to unemployment hovering around 90 percent and this was indeed a moment to celebrate.

Although we celebrated his resignation, Mugabe will always be remembered for the contribution he made to this country since 1980. A revolutionary and a great man who freed us from the bondage of the white men. At one point our country earned the title Bread Basket of Africa and it was all due to this man’s policies. In Africa and the rest of the world, we are acknowledged as one of the country’s with high literacy rate.

His charm, humor and self confidence will always be remembered and cherished. One of his best quotes that we believe will live forever, in no uncertain terms, he told the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to keep his England while he keep his Zimbabwe, “So Blair keep Your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe.”

It was time!!

 Go Well Gushungo Go Well Patriot We Respect You


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