Cultural Fete Highlights Women Abuse in Chipinge

A Chipinge based organisation, Platform for Youth Development (PYD) will on Wednesday host a cultural dance festival at Madhuku Township in Chipinge South to highlight harmful cultural practices that continue to curtail the upliftment of women in society.

According to PYD, the festival which will attract people from all the rural wards of Chipinge district is part of the International Women’s Day commemorations.

“Chipinge is one of the areas that is still battling to overcome harmful cultural practices that continue to infringe on the rights of the girl child.

“Commemorating the International women’s day will afford our local communities the time to reflect on the social, economic, cultural and political achievements by women in Zimbabwe,” noted PYD in a statement released on Monday.

In an interview, the organisation’s Director, Claris Madhuku said the festival will help them highlight those practices that are not in sync with the modern day society while educating people on the dynamism of culture which can still be a significant factor in the empowerment and upliftment of the girl child.

“Rural women, especially those found in Chipinge continue to face the worst forms of deep seated gender inequalities and discrimination, but it is important for us to highlight the role that our Ndau culture can still be an important part in shaping a modern day women” said Madhuku.

He added that the cultural festival will be punctuated by entertainment from popular traditional dances in Chipinge including Muchongoyo, Chokoto, Zvipunha and Mandlozi.

“The day will be filled with entertainment through traditional dances including Muchongoyo, Chokoto, Zvipunha and Mandhlozi,” added Madhuku.

The 2018 International Women’s Day is being held under the theme, “Time is now: rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives.”

According to PYD, most rural homes in Chipinge are supported by women, yet the same women have not been acknowledged by society.

“PYD reiterates that there is need to increase awareness and Access to Information (ATI) that draw attention to the rights and activism of rural women who remains vulnerable and dis-empowered due to structural inequalities that only recognize men,” noted PYD.


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