Concern Over People Dying Of COVID-19 At Home

Local doctors have raised concern over the increase in Covid-19 local transmission cases as well as a recent increase in the number of people dying of the pandemic while at home.

In an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation, Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights (ZDHR) spokesperson Norman Matara said the number of people testing posthumously for COVID-19 was increasing which signifies that people are dying of COVID-19 at home.

“We are witnessing more cases of people diagnosed with COVID-19 after a post-mortem has been done. So, from the number of people who have died, most of them are people who are dying at home,”

Dr Matara added that people are being forced to go outside their houses to look for money so they can feed their families.

“They are also being forced to go out and look for clean water. So social distancing is not practical, and that is why we are seeing cases rise,” said Matara.

With the word on the streets that people were being turned away from hospitals recently, a number of people have resolved to use home-made remedies at the expense of seeking proper medical care.

To date, the country has recorded 4 818 confirmed cases, 1 544 recoveries and 104 deaths.

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