Country Branding: We Can Change Our Own Country

Every citizen is a part of the equation in creating a country brand that is desirable to live in, we are all part of the ecosystem, but everything goes back to how positive we are about creating and enabling the future.

Yes, our path seems harder by the day, our economies seem to be down with uncertainty but looking at that distant horizon holding on to hope, we shall overcome. Waking up to an uncertain and negative Zimbabwe filled with the most non motivating headlines in the media, has become a lifestyle of terror. We are our own boogeyman

Life itself must be a constant prayer, it is about growth and we must be willing to go forward and face our fears by not letting our fears have us. We all have dreams that we want to manifest but the environment may not be very much enabling due to those that lock the celestial potentials of those that are destined to shape a better future. Looking at the environment that we all wake up to cry about, this is what each and every one of us is in control of. It is us who control and determine the environment, but that power we have must be used to enable the next human being to propel to greater heights of accomplishment.

We can only have two things in life as a country, reasons or results and the only thing that counts is results. We judge a tree by the fruits it bears and not the answers it might talk about or think about. As a country we must now commit to greatness and let the era of mediocrity die and be burnt into the furnaces of Hell. Change shows up in our lives because we want to have something different in our lives, we should not be frightened by delivering change. Its either we do or we don’t as no excuse is acceptable as it becomes hard we must do it hard because we would have made a commitment.

We must go into the future by seizing the moment and taking the responsibility in changing ourselves so that our country changes. A Good country brand is a personal mission for everyone, but it starts with how you think and function. Never think that building a better country has nothing to do with you but only the responsibility of the those elected through the ballot box. So commit because the uncommitted life is not worth living and an uncommitted country never lives.

The greatest equalizer of conditions of mankind is knowledge as it is the infinite power.  I want to impart that knowledge to you that you have power, as long as you know, you can do. Whatever forces that you may face on each day must be your source of a new uplifting to the next level. Take a stand for you, and commitment will deliver to you .

Tare Munzara is a Country Branding Expert and the CEO for Destination Marketing International. For Feedback please do contact Email  on [email protected]   or [email protected]. Phone: 0774 817 440

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