Corruption And Bad Governance Have Destroyed Our Economy: Bishop Magaya


Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has accused top Zanu PF officials of engaging in corrupt activities and maladministration, throwing Zimbabwe into an economic turmoil that is causing untold suffering on the citizens.

By Moregiven Sithole

Addressing journalists in Harare during the launch of his organisation’s ‘Christian Vote Campaign’, Magaya who is the Director of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny said government has failed to wisely manage the economy adding that they should not seek to hide behind economic sanctions for the economic crisis the country is facing.

“Our nation has no economy but,mere vestiges,no local currency to talk of and the reason is clear,we have killed our economy.

“There is no need to smokescreen it any longer by sanctions excuse or anything else because if we had managed our resources prudently, exercising good governance with Godly fear that forbids reaping from where one did not sow and the genuine love for fellow citizens ,Zimbabwe economy could have awakened with industries revived,”said Magaya.

He lambasted the top brass in the ruling party labeling them hypocrites who are turning a blind eye on corruption that has engulfed parastatals, choosing instead to harass those who speak against it.

“Chief among the agents of economic destruction is corruption and bad governance that rewards thievery and ineptude yet punishing honesty and integrity,it is therefore not surprising that we have no arrests to date despite the looting and plunder that have killed our key parastatals ,not to talk about the chaos reigning in the mining divisions where billions vanish and no one is accountable start from the top except to shed crocodile tears,” said Magaya.

He added that Zimbabwe inherited a viable railway system, ARDA and competitive Air Zimbabwe with these quasi state institutions now in perpetual sorry state.

Magaya’s sentiments against corruption come hardly a week after People’s Democratic  Party(PDP) leader Tendai Biti pleaded with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission(ZACC) to investigate former Mines Minister, Obert Mpofu whom he accused of amassing wealth through looting in the mining and transport sector.


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