Coronavirus: Parirenyatwa Hospital Sets Up Screening Points

Parirenyatwa Hospital is set to establish screening facilities at its entry points as part of precautionary measures to safeguard patients, staff and visitors from COVID-19.

In a statement released today, Parirenyatwa hospital highlighted that the institution handles large volumes of people hence the need to exercise precautionary measures to safeguard people who come in and out from any potential cases which may present at the institution.

“Only two entrances to the hospital shall be used that is one for motorists and one for pedestrians. Motorists will use the usual Mazoe Road entrance while pedestrians will use Leopold Takawira gate. All other entrances and exits shall be temporarily closed,” read the statement.

The hospital emphasized that everyone going into the hospital shall go through the screening point which will be set up close to the entrances.

“All visitors should wash their hands upon entry or exiting the hospital. All visitors should adhere to good hygiene and follow guidelines provided by healthcare workers in the hospital,” read the statement.

Only two relatives shall be allowed to accompany a patient and only two visitors per patient shall be allowed into the hospital.


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