‘Come Out And Report,’ ZRP Implores Rape Victims

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has appealed to alleged victims of rape by the police and soldiers to report and ensure the perpetrators of the ‘heinous’ crimes are brought to book.

Briefing the media at the General Police Headquarters today, national police spokesperson Commissioner Charity Charamba appealed to the victims of rape by police and soldiers to come forward and help police with investigations.

“The alleged reports, unfortunately have not been brought to the attention of police to allow investigations to be conducted and the law to take its course.

“Let it be known that no one is above the law be it bona fide or bogus members of the security services, or civilians. Any abuse should be reported to the police with a view to arrest the perpetrator, gather evidence and initiate interventions for the victim to receive medical care,” said Charamba.

She assured victims that they will not face as reprisal for reporting the perpetrators.

“Some victims maybe scared to report for one reason or the other, it might be fear reprisals, stigma or mistrust but we are saying if such heinous acts are allowed to go unresolved they have lasting traumatic implications on the victims,” added Charamba.

Meanwhile, Charamba said only one rape case has been recorded in St Marys, Chitungwiza.

She further appealed to other stakeholders with relevant information on the alleged crimes to come forward and assist the police with investigations.

“We are also appealing to other stakeholders who might have information pertinent to our appeal to also come forward and assist. That assistance could be through encouraging those affected to report their cases or actually drawing our attention cases that might have been brought to them,”  Charamba pleaded.

Meanwhile, the police said they have so far arrested over 1000 people in connection with the shutdown protests that rocked the country mid-January.

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