Zim’s UK-Africa Summit Snub Reminder Of Open For Business Fallacy: Chamisa

Zimbabwe was snubbed for the United Kingdom-Africa Summit which kicked off today because the country is not open for business, opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has said.

Addressing party leadership and supporters who gathered at Stodart open grounds to listen to his Agenda 2020 address, Chamisa mocked the President Emmerson Mnangagwa regime saying it had failed to attract business with the rest of the world due to policy inconsistencies and uncertainties.

“No country wants to do business with Zimbabwe because the country is not open for business, that is why the UK-Africa summit is being held without Zimbabwe,” he said.

He also blasted Mnangagwa for having nothing to offer the nation besides uttering useless statements.

“There is nothing solid which Mnangagwa can say to solve the nation but only clueless and ridiculous statements. We will fight the corruption in his government and the police will not stop us because we are ready to deliver,’ he added.

Chamisa said this while addressing thousands of people who had gathered to hear the party’s 2020 agenda.

The youthful politician promised people to reclaim his electoral victory declaring President Mnangagwa an illegitimate leader who was installed by the Constitutional Court.

Chamisa also vowed to escalate the electoral reforms push to ensure the next plebiscite is held on an even ground.

“The Zimbabwe electoral commission must be revamped and have professional secretaries who are independent before and non-partisan.

“We want a raft of electoral reforms in line with the recommendations of the International election observer mission reports as detailed in our RELOAD document we recently launched in 2019.

“We are going to launch our alternative electoral bill detailing the reforms Zimbabweans are demanding. This bill is ready and has already been finalized by our elections department,” said Chamisa.

The event was attended by thousands of party supporters and party leadership who painted the Stodart open space red on a rare Tuesday morning.

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