Claim Your Space Zimbabwe Youths Urged

Zimbabwean youths have been challenged to take their space in the fight against human rights violations as the issue affect their communities.

In an exclusive interview with 263Chat, ZimRights executive director Dzikamai Bere said youths should not wait for those in leadership position to blow the whistle for action.

“We need to understand the world that we are living in and the challenges that we are facing young people need to be worried more not simply about Manchester United and Barcelona. They need to know about the things that affect them in their daily life.

“It is not enough to only be aware but its important to take action, they need to invest in taking action to resolve the issues that take place in their communities without waiting for a leader to come from somewhere,” said Bere.

He said though the current conditions in the country have curtail the fight against human rights violations there are many ways that allows action.

“We are living in very difficult time where speaking out against human rights can put you in harm, there are so many tools that have been put at our disposal to allow us to be able to do something. Now there are so many digital tools that can be allow to go behind the keyboard and speak out. Sometimes calling the councilor and sometimes Parliament advertise meetings, attend the meetings and speak out your mind.

“Human rights are everything and there thousands of actions that we can take and we should not do away with courage because human rights violations are done by powerful persons. There are safe actions that we can do behind the door. In our time calls for people of courage to be able to step forward and confront our challenges,” he said

Bere said the country has witnessed most human rights violations being committed by law enforcement agents particularly police who have beaten people and targeting mainly women including the detention without trial for Godfrey Kurauone and Hopewell Chin’ono.

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