Civil Servants Must Subscribe To Zanu PF Ideology: Gwaradzimba

MUTARE– Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba has made startling revelations that she teaches government workers to chant the Zanu PF slogan saying they cannot discharge their duties without subscribing to the party ideology.

Gwaradzimba made the remarks at an extraordinary ZANU PF Manicaland Provincial Coordinating meeting held in Mutare, where technocrats from various government departments were summoned to provide progress reports on developmental projects.

“If you see yourself working for the government of ZANU PF without agreeing to the politics of the party then it means that you are in a wrong place because there is no way you can give your whole input if you do not believe in the system that formed the government.

“So, I have been taking my time to teach them the party slogan, because they are servants of the people,” she said.

Zanu PF Manicaland chairperson Mike Madiro also told civil servants that they cannot be apolitical when their duty in government is to implement the Zanu PF manifesto and agenda.

“We won an election in July last year, and we won based on a clear agenda spelt out in the manifesto, so this is an extra ordinary session of provincial leadership interacting with the people we deployed in government on various development issues.

“Our mandate as a party is encapsulated in the vision of ZANU PF, however when it comes to implementation we rely on government to drive this agenda, our manifesto agenda has to be delivered to the people but our implementation arm is government.

“The government is a child of ZANU PF, because it is formed from the party that won the elections although it is representative of all Zimbabweans it is under the guidance of the party

“Any government staff, member or employee they are there to implement ZANU PF agenda because that was the mandate given to ZANU PF by the people of Zimbabwe.

“It therefore means there is no one who can say I am apolitical when they are working for government it means that person will not be well informed,” he said.

Provincial technocrats and heads of government departments in Manicaland including Provincial Medical Director Dr Pat Mafaune gave oral reports, with some officials openly chanting the ZANU PF slogan.

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