Civil Servants March To Go Ahead As Gvt Remains Unmoved On Salary Adjustments

Civil servants leadership has announced that their planned march scheduled for tomorrow will go ahead after government and their representatives APEX Council  failed to to reach an agreement in a crunch meeting held in the capital today.

The crunch meeting between the two parties was a last ditch to try and reach common ground, however, the two parties could not agree on anything tangible.

The meeting, was a far cry from civil servants demands, that is a salary increment most probably on the prevailing inter bank rate. including bonuses.

Writing on their official Twitter,  Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) scalled on their members to be part of the march.

“Take note that our march will now begin at PSA building at 1100hrs as we unite with our Cdes in APEX. Workers of the world Unite!!!,” said the announcement.

The march will start tomorrow at 1100 am at PSA building through Kaguvi building in central avenues and then to the new government complex where the petition will be delivered to the responsible  ministries.

Government workers are calling for the review of their salaries following ever raising prices if basic commodities.

This comes after doctors declared incapacitation some two months ago shutting down the health system in the country with other health workers also taking the same route.

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