Churches Warn ED, Chamisa As Zim Situation Worsens

Various churches under the Churches and Civic Society Forum (CSCJF) banner have warned MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to desist from inciting violence as they accuse him and other civil society groups of being greedy and harbouring selfish ambitions by calling for violent demonstrations.

They also warned the Zanu-PF party led by President Emmerson to desist from counter-attacking the alleged planned demonstrations as the security in the country is getting tense by the day.

This comes after threats by the MDC to organise protests to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa out of power, accusing him of failing to run the country.

This has also prompted the police to be on high alert as officers have been delayed in various strategic positions.

Reverend Angliston Sibanda told a media briefing in Harare that they are aware of shenanigans going on in communities, major towns about peaceful protests which are said to be fronted by civil society organisations.

“We are noting shenanigans that include the manipulation of some innocent and poor young people, young women , church leaders through the use of money to mobilize citizens into the so-called civic action that will be used to corner the regime and put it into a dilemma and force the military to spill blood and trigger international outcry, tarnish the image of the country as well as to justify military intervention by foreign forces off for the benefit of greedy civic and political,” said Reverend Sibanda.

In January, the military intervened and allegedly caused the death of 17 civilians after the nation plunged into a nation shutdown following fuel price increase by President  Mnangagwa.

Sibanda said their intelligence had gathered that Zanu-PF had warned to counter react to the civic action by the opposition outfit.

”We are warning both parties to cease fire and consider the plight of the ordinary people who are suffering, not only as a result of government austerity policy but also as a result of foreign intervention and manipulation of systems in order to frustrate the citizens and cause citizens to revolt by the residue of people used to do gatekeeping of systems in the former administration…” Reverend Sibanda further stated

Zanu-PF youths also said they would not sit back while the MDC activists run riot.

Home Affairs minister Cain Matema in a statement on Monday said the police was on high alert to thwart any dissent.

There has been a lot of paranoia from the government as social media messages continue to make round calling for stay-aways and in the event of resistance, there would be violence and looting of shops.

The situation has been worsened by fuel prices increases which have hit hard on already struggling Zimbabweans.

The police yesterday issued a warning citizens against engaging in violent conduct.

“Police are on high alert and will arrest anyone who engages in any form of violence, threats or intimidation to the community. The source of this alarming post is now subject of the police inquiry,” said the police.

Meanwhile, the churches have called on all parties and citizens from organising or instigating violence saying engaging in violence shows lack of strong will and character.

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