Churches Found Wanting In Tackling Sexual Reproductive Health

A local cleric has bemoaned the limited role of the church in tackling issues to do with Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) despite religious women being part of victims of gender based violence (GBV).

Speaking during an inter-generational dialogue hosted by the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Africa Trust (SAT) to discuss issues around Gender Based Violence yesterday, Reverend Mudhenda of the Methodist Church said Sexual Reproductive Health issues are not openly discussed in church.

“People are silent about these issues as they fear they will encourage such behaviour but that does not mean its not happening. Church members are also victims of Gender Based Violence. Every now and then we have the youths who are abused,” said Rev Mudhenda.

Social commentator, Dr Rebecca Chisamba attributed the increase in sexual violence to the melting economy.

“Some of these children will be looking for food just in the wrong places exposing them to abuses,” said Dr Chisamba.

A transgender who could not be named for fear of victimization said they are constantly targeted by people who do not accept what they are, adding that they find it difficult to report cases of rape or accessing emergency services for fear of being labelled.

“At one point people have to accept us as we are, people have to accept things we cannot change. We have a problem of people who try to change us and when correctional rape happens, we find it difficult to report and access emergency services,” she said

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