Chiwenga Rips Into Passion Java 

Outspoken preacher Talent Chiwenga has teared into controversial cleric Passion Java saying he is bogus and without any academic qualifications.

In a six minute video circulating on social media platforms, Chiwenga dared Java to explain his source of wealth, accusing the flamboyant socialite of flaunting money inherited from his current wife.

“There are no tongues like the ones by Panganai Java. What business do you do Panganai?” Chiwenga rhetorically asked “He does not have five ordinary levels. So which business offered you money to buy expensive cars including that airplane with a deflated wheel?”

Chiwenga said Java’s current wife was his counsellor during the days he was going through divorce.

“Much of the money he flaunts around is the money that he inherited from this woman that he got married to these days which was his counsellor during the days that he was having a marriage dispute.”

He said Java can only confuse comedians who solicit for funding not him.

“You can confuse those who do skits because they will be looking for funding from you. People like us do not envy you, I don’t respect you. You don’t come close to people that I recognise as rich people, men of God and people that are in their right mind. Tell me where it is written that a man of God divorces which verse allows you to divorce Panga?” asked Chiwenga.

Chiwenga is known for criticizing politicians and church leaders who include President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President Chiwenga, MDC President Nelson Chamisa, Ezekiel Guti, Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya.

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