How Chinotimba Charmed Upcoming Book Writer

Zimbabwe’s newest upcoming writer, Chenjerai Mhondera has revealed how he was charmed by the Buhera South Member of Parliament (MP) Joseph Chinotimba popularly known as ‘Cde Chinoz’ during the process of writing his book ‘Masasi aChinoz’ set to be launched in Harare today (Friday).

The book is based on Cde Chinoz, the man who replaced the former vice President Simon Muzenda as the most mocked person in Zimbabwe.

“While working with him I did not feel like I was working with a politician, it felt like I was working with my father, he is now more of a brother to me,” said Mhondera.

Mhondera said his ‘like-personalities’ with Cde Chinoz was the recipe behind the now lucrative relationship he shares with the Zanu PF politician.

“It was in my early age grade 1 to be precise that I began to witness myself entertaining masses and Emceeing. It is this industrious entertaining career that has seen me creating jokes and also performing them.

“This has seen me attracted to ‘like-personalities.’ At national level, it was Honorable Joseph Chinotimba aka Cde Chinoz. Talents attracts each other. We agreed that we should write a book. In 2015, the book was complete,” said Mhondera.

He also indicated that contrary to what people think, the former war veterans leader was unbelievably intelligent.

“Chinoz is regarded as ignorant, uneducated, misunderstanding, naughty and mischievous somebody yet in actual essence the man is damn knowledgeable a lot,” said the ecstatic author.

The book, ‘Masasi aChinoz’, which is a collection of jocular, crazy and amusing statements formed around the person of Buhera South legislator, Joseph Chinotimba, affectionately known as Chinoz, will be launched this year.

The book provides a rib-cracking conversation that also captures the popular politician’s auto-biography.

Mhondera, told a press briefing ahead of the book launch today that his comic prowess dates back to his days in school.

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