Chinese Ambassador Table Tennis Cup Roars Into Life

Five teams are set to battle out for the second edition of the Chinese Ambassador table tennis cup to be held at Belvedere Teachers College on Saturday 16 September 2017.

By Owami Sithole

Dubbed the Chinese Ambassador Cup, the tournament which is now in its second year will feature five teams from both China and Zimbabwe.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Wednesday, Deputy Chinese Ambassador Zhao Baogang said his country values the importance of promoting cultural exchange through sports.

“We are to continue with the sports editions every year to fortify and uphold bilateral friendship and sports interchange between China and Zimbabwe,” said Baogang.

Zimbabwe Table Tennis Union, Secretary General, Celso Ribeiro hailed the partnership with China saying it is helping boost the sports sector in Zimbabwe.

“Besides facing various challenges as a union, so far we are doing well, as we have managed to put in order teams which will participate in the second encounter of the table tennis edition, and we assure you development of the discipline as some people are not much aware of what table tennis is all about.

“This will also help us as a nation in producing good players who will represent our country,” said Ribeiro.

He added that “this relationship brings light, making tennis one of the most developing sports in the country, our vision is to reach the Olympic level competition, and raise the flag of Zimbabwe high.”

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